Meaningful Impact Project is a program of Bella Vita Coaching & Juliana Scalise, MA

The mission of the Meaningful Impact Project (MIP) is inspiring & empowering women locally and globally to experience greater fulfillment in their lives, share their unique gifts & make a positive difference in the world!

MIP brings women together in a comfortable, fun, get-together-with-friends environment. MIP gatherings provide a relaxed, easy way for women to take a break from their busy schedules and celebrate all the ways they've made a positive difference, reflect on how to bring more meaning & fulfillment into each day, and get inspired to make the big impact they want to make, in any area of their lives! Check below to find out more about the two most typical MIP gatherings, MIP Parties & MIP Mini-Workshops, or let's discuss a different idea you may have for your group! Learn how MIP is working to serve the greater good & the least fortunate, in the "Making a Positive Difference" section towards the bottom of this page.  

MIP Parties are casual get-togethers providing time and space for women to reflect on what they want next in their life, as well as an opportunity to take easy, immediate steps to promote positive change in their daily lives & in the lives of those less fortunate. MIP parties also work nicely as as a mother-daughter event!  


  • Visiting with friends.
  • Fun, thought provoking exercises, led by MIP Facilitator, Juliana Scalise, M.A.
  • Creating a personalized, next-steps priority list to accomplish what you desire.
  • A jewelry & accessories trunk show supporting organizations that are:
       empowering women locally & globally,
       consciously doing good for those in greatest need,
       & pro-actively making the world a better place!
    • See the "Making a Positive Difference" section below for more info. on specific areas of impact & trunk show products.

MIP Mini-Workshops are time-efficient gatherings for those feeling inspired to do something new in their lives after a MIP Party. They're ideal when women don't have room in their budgets or their hectic schedules for expensive, time-intensive workshops, but would welcome taking a couple hours out to enjoy visiting with other women and spending a little time on themselves! MIP Mini-Workshops can be customized around whatever topic is most relevant to your group.

Popular Mini-Workshop Themes:

  • "I want something different, but I'm not sure what..."
  • "I want to re-connect with what fires me up & strengthen the unique impact I make!"
  • "I'd like to transform my day to day life so I feel less stretched, more focused & more in alignment with what matters most to me!"
  • "I'm ready to get serious about creating positive change & living a life I'd love. I want to make sure I stay on track!"
  • "I have an idea I'm passionate about. I need an exciting action plan to bring it to life!"
  • "I want to kick my stress down a notch & stop wasting so much time worrying!"
  • "I need to start taking better care of Me!"
  • "I'm facing lots of change. How can I adjust with greater ease & effectiveness?"
  • "I want to feel a greater sense of peace and gratefulness in my life. How can I stay connected to my highest self more often?" 

Making a Positive Difference -  MIP is proud to partner with conscious organizations working to make the world a better place. With your support, MIP Party Trunk Shows help make a positive difference...

 Areas of Impact -

  • War Trauma Relief
  • Third World Education & Economic Empowerment
  • Slavery & Sex Trafficking
  • Humane Work Conditions
  • Fair Trade
  • Women's Education & Empowerment
  • Women-Owned Businesses
  • Education & Empowerment for Low-Income Kids
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Childhood Cancer
  • Breast Cancer

Products to Choose From -

  • Affordable Fashion Jewelry
  • Beaded & Braided Bracelets
  • Eco-Conscious, Fashionable, Casual Clothing 
  • Scarves
  • Headbands
  • Pillowcases & Sleep Masks
  • Hand Woven Baskets
  • Most products are made by the communities served! Other products or profits are shared with the communities or causes served.

To learn more or schedule a MIP gathering, feel free to contact Juliana!

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