Services Provided

In a supportive atmosphere Juliana helps people attain the change and growth they seek, through group and individual life coaching.


Structured coaching workshops customized to your needs can be scheduled for
 large or small groups or for your circle of friends.

Bella Vita workshops are evidence based programs focused on meeting your personal, career, family and/or community goals. For topic ideas, see the list below, the "Peace, Passion & Purpose" flyer on the Workshops pages or the "MIP Mini-Workshop" list on the Meaningful Impact Project (MIP) page.

Workshops can take place indoors or outdoors at a location that best suits the size and preferences of your group. 

Individual Sessions
One-to-one coaching is usually by phone, but is also available in Los Gatos, CA. The focus, frequency and length of your program can be customized and mutually decided upon based on an initial free consult.

Coaching Programs 
A weekly, structured workshop series, in conjunction with individual sessions, is a highly effective way for motivated clients to achieve what they desire quickly. These combined group & individual session Coaching Programs can be organized specifically around your group's needs.

To learn more about Bella Vita services or whether coaching is right for you, please feel free to call or text Juliana or click here to send an email inquiry.

Coaching Topics
Below is a sample of coaching topic areas Juliana has worked with:

Passion & Purpose
Personal Growth
Gratitude & Happiness
Inner Peace
Spiritual Growth
Achieving Balance
Professional Development
Confidence & Power
Health, Eating & Exercise
Life Planning 

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