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What do you love about your life so far?

What are you wanting more or less of in your life?

If your future could be anything you wanted, what would it be?

Step into your full potential. Create the life you want for yourself now!

Bella Vita Coaching will support you in fostering a beautiful, fulfilling life. The name, "Bella Vita," comes from Italian words meaning, "beautiful life." This is not a reference to aesthetic beauty, per se. A beautiful life is about perspective. It comes from learning to see and appreciate all the beauty that exists within and around you. A beautiful life is also related to action. In the same manner as a flower is nourished into glorious bloom, a beautiful life must be cultivated. As your life coach, my goal is to help you develop constructive perspectives and an effective action plan to bring forth all you are wanting in your life.

To best support your personal growth, as well as to best nurture others, you must tend to your own garden first.
Working with a Life Coach is about doing just that; it's about taking time for yourself! The reward is more vitality for you and thriving relationships with partners, family, friends and associates. In our sessions we will explore your aspirations, your strengths, your challenges, and how to best work through anything standing in the way of achieving your goals. While many come to Bella Vita Coaching to enhance a particular interest in their life, such as work, parenting or relationships, most discover a desire to attend to all parts of themselves, especially the neglected areas of their lives, in order to achieve a full sense of peace, satisfaction and happiness.

I bring together my background in psychology, life coaching, relationships, marriage, parenting and business to offer custom-tailored coaching programs. Whether you are eager to move your life forward, want to consider possibile new directions, or need guidance through a challenging situation or decision, I look forward to hearing from you!

Please feel free to call with any questions or to discuss your needs.

It would be an honor to support you in bringing your hopes and dreams into fruition!

Sincerely,  Juliana Scalise, M.A

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