Workshop for Moms

To be human is a state of infinite potential waiting to be awakened…
no one else in the history of creation can be what
you are!
The universe needs you to shine forth and radiate your unique expression. Then others can basque in it and feel inspired to find their own way of expressing themselves.”  - Deepak Chopra


Life Coaching Workshop

This workshop can be customized for you, your group or circle of friends. Here's a s ample workshop flyer:

Peace, Passion & Purpose For Moms
Coaching Workshop Program
* We can customize this workshop according to your needs, whether you would like a one-one program for yourself or or a group experience with your circle of women.

* Workshop can be done as a 2 hour "Mini-Workshop", in a half or one-day format, or in the full 4 session format, with follow-up phone sessions.

* In a compassionate environment, you will be guided through
exercises that will help you:
-de-stress and activate more peace & contentment
-build self-awareness
-celebrate your strengths and gifts

-connect with your authentic desires
-prioritize what you care about most
-create a day-to-day rhythm aligned with your values
-gain insight on your unique emotional dynamics & growth edges
-understand what moves & inspires you vs. de-motivates you
-set intentions
-establish and work on specific, measurable goals
-build new habits
-know your typical areas of challenge
-prepare strategies to work around obstacles you may face
-continually assess your progress and make effective adjustments
to accomplish what you desire!

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