About Juliana

Juliana connects people with their passions, values and strengths to create fulfilling, harmonious, happy lives!

Her passion is helping others see their unique gifts, enjoy greater satisfaction in their own lives, and make a more positive impact on the world!

Years of Experience
For 20 years Juliana has had the privilege of helping individuals, couples & groups bring out the best of themselves. In addition to her career in Psychology, she worked in corporate management and sales, as well as within the non-profit sector. Even back before it became her profession, she was supporting & guiding others with her positive spirit and psychological insight. Whether with employees, clients, co-workers, family, friends or in her volunteering, that's what she instinctually found herself doing. It’s just who she is!

Professional Training
-BA in Sociology, UC Berkeley, Phi Beta Kappa Honors Student
-Masters in Psychology, Santa Clara University (SCU)
-Marriage & Family Psychotherapist Training at SCU and Process Therapy Institute
-Life Coach Training Program, Coaches Training Institute (CTI), Leading Coach Training Organization Internationally
-Relationship, Marriage & Parenting Training, Gottman Institute and Bader & Pearson's Couples Institute
-Meditation Training with Kabat-Zinn, Kornfield, Shapiro, The Chopra Center, Insight Meditation Center, Spirit Rock Meditation Center
-Ongoing Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Relationships & Other Professional Growth Courses
-Personal Growth Group Facilitator for SCU Psychology Graduate Students
-Work-Family Balance Research at UC Berkeley
-Academic Journal Author & Conference Speaker on Moving Forward From Loss
Personal Experience
Juliana’s life experiences have been as influential as her education in developing her expertise and wisdom. She deeply values personal growth and actively engages in ongoing self-reflection, regular meditation and relationship growth practices. Her personal insights inform her work with clients. She understands first-hand the obstacles clients face when they navigate challenging life transitions. She enjoyed a successful career in corporate sales and management for many years before finding the courage to change course and pursue her true path. Through stressful life situations such as unexpected deaths, mental & physical
illnesses within her family , the ups & downs of over 20 years of marriage & 16 years of parenting, geographical moves, and aging parents, Juliana developed wisdom around prioritizing, and maintaining inner & relational peacefulness in times of chaos and uncertainty. She grew immensely as a person after finding her way through the difficult losses of her first pregnancy and her younger brother, who died suddenly and tragically at the age of 38.

Types of Clients
Juliana currently works primarily with adult women & men, but throughout her career she has worked with the full spectrum of ages and life situations, including toddlers, teenagers, young adults, couples, seniors and more! When her now 16 year old daughter was a toddler she founded and ran a Reggio-Emilia inspired preschool program which helped fulfill the potential of little people and their parents. The combination of working closely with those families, and her own joy, trials and growth as a mother, influenced her interest and insight in working with moms.

Juliana practices from a positive psychology perspective. She wants every person to know their brilliance and live to their full potential! Juliana guides clients in breaking free from external expectations and honoring their authentic desires. She believes we all have a uniqueness, as individual as our fingerprints, and that a satisfying and harmonious life comes from being true to that!

Coaching Style
Juliana views her clients as creative, resourceful and whole. Her focus is not on advising her clients, but rather shining a light on their strengths, facilitating their ability to tap into their own wisdom, define what they truly want out of life, and support them in setting, working towards, meeting and adjusting goals aligned with their highest vision for their life.

Personal Life
Juliana is a San Francisco Bay Area native. She and her family have lived in Northern California, since all 4 of her grandparents came to America from Italy in the early 1900’s. For over 20 years, she has resided in Los Gatos, CA where she currently lives with Brian, her husband of 23 years, their 16 year old daughter, Isabella, and their dog, Carmela. Her parents, who are in their early nineties, also live in Los Gatos. Nothing is more precious to Juliana than her family!

Juliana enjoys:
connecting with people
• reading, research & workshops related to positve psychology & optimizing human potential & performance
• observing the fascinating nuances of human & animal behavior
• engaging, thought-provoking conversations
volunteer service & supporting organizations trying to make the world a better place
• independent films, documentaries and movies in general
• visiting &
laughing with family and friends
• cozy hang out days at home with her huband, daughter and dog
• yoga & meditation
• spa days

• deep tissue and Thai massage
• spontaneous trips with her family in their camper van
• lively, interesting big cities and quaint small towns

• good food
• historic architecture
• beautiful places and scenic drives
• artistic expression & pretty colors

• flowers
• time in nature
• mountains, lakes and rivers
• hiking
• visiting SF, NYC, Big Sur, Calistoga, Murphys, Yosemite, Italy
• new adventures…

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