From Individual Clients

“Juliana is knowledgeable, compassionate, non-judging, friendly, warm and real.”

Longtime Client

“Juliana was recommended to me by my manager over 10 years ago and I have been working with her ever since. I call on her whenever I am feeling stress or uncertainty about a decision. She has guided me through the major transitional moments of both my career and personal life. I refer her over and over again because she is excellent at what she does.”

High Tech Marketing Executive

“Juliana unlocked the voice inside me that I have been looking for the past few years. Since working with her, I have uncovered the eagerness and strength I needed to pursue my passion! ”

Creative Professional


From Workplace Wellness Clients

"Since our workshop, I have told many people about the effectiveness of your techniques. I think we need to have you here again/more often. Is that something you would welcome?"

Passion & Purpose for Physicians Participant


“I had an 'aha' during one of the workshop exercises that changed a limiting mindset I'd been holding onto for a long time. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. As a result I can now see exciting, new possibilities in many areas of my life. What a great session! I think all employees could benefit from these types of programs. Thank you!”
Wellness Workshop Program Participant


From Moms

“The part of the workshop that best helped me was the exercise on recalling a time when I felt like I lost track of time and felt the "flow state.” I remembered something I immensely enjoyed as a kid, but hadn’t thought about since high school. Rediscovering this passion as well as making a plan to have it become a habit really helped me. Sharing it with others, including my son and husband, cemented its importance. This has inspired my husband to spend more time doing what he loves, too. A subtle but substantial change in our lives, so thank *you* for that!”

Mom of a Toddler


"I really enjoyed myself last Thursday and have been keeping to my plan to live in the moment and not ask my daughter so much about her schedule, tests, etc.  In fact, when I got home after the session, we just laughed a lot about funny things that happened at school.  The laughter was as robust as in my peak personal memory, conjured up during the session.  The next afternoon, it was immediately obvious to her that something had changed because I did not ask about her physics quiz on the ride home.  THIS WAS GREAT!  Thanks for leading/teaching us! "

Mom of a Teenager


On Anxiety and Depression

“Working with Juliana helped me cope with immediate, situational issues of anxiety and depression (without going on meds), as well as taught me tools to deal with intermittent occurrences on my own as they've surfaced.”

“Type  A” Personality

On Coping with Loss

“Juliana came highly recommended from a close friend who has worked with her for many years. She guided me through a desperate time of loss in my life. She helped me to focus on positive memories which eased the pain. Sharing her own experiences with loss and how she coped was particularly helpful.”

Woman In Transition

On Passion and Purpose

“With the insight, strategies and support that came out of my work with Juliana, I was able to leave my unfulfilling corporate job to do something satisfying, rewarding, and exciting. Taking this giant leap has been one of the most exhilarating decisions I've made. I look forward to continuing to pursue my passion, instead of just working at my job!"
Former Accounting Professional

From Someone New to Coaching

Prior to working with Juliana I didn't know what a life-coach was.  I had no idea what to expect.  Her calming demeanor, willingness to listen, and respect of privacy are all qualities that made me feel completely at ease during our sessions.  Each session concluded with "homework" or a parting thought.  This was very valuable, as it helped me turn what we discussed during our sessions into a daily practice. I have gained a new found confidence towards my future!”
Young Adult

On Personal Transformation

"The Passion & Purpose workshop was life changing for me! It inspired me to more fully embrace who I truly am and and to take a big and immediate step to bring my life into alignment with that. This led to an immensely satisfying opening and deepening of our family relationships!”

Workplace Wellness Program Participant

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